Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blog display error corrected.

The blog is back to normal…at last!
I didn't realize exactly how much blogging meant to me until I had this problem which caused the blog to appear as a blank white page.
I felt paralyzed, truly paralyzed.
Although it only lasted for less than a 100 hours, it seemed like a 100 days and I felt like missing a very big component of my daily life.

I contacted the BLOGGER support team an hour after the problem appeared and they explained to me that introducing "Blogger Images" was causing these problems for some bloggers and they told me that they were working hard on solving the problem.
However, the solution didn't come from BLOGGER, instead I was able to solve it after I received an invaluable e mail from a thoughtful guy (Thank you John) who pointed out a blog that posted a suggested solution for this blog crisis.

I copy pasted the short code, made some changes, republished the blog and now you can see that it works perfectly.
As you can see, I have changed the title of the previous post as now it looks stupid after the "bug" is no longer there!

Update: Well, not exactly "works perfectly" because when it comes to archives or permalinks for previous posts, there will still be a blank space before the text appears at the bottom of the page.
The good thing is that permalinks for the latest 2 posts do work well, so I hope this will apply for the future posts.
Anyway, it's only a temporary measure until the techies at BLOGGER find a real solution.

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