Thursday, June 16, 2005

I have always respected the Iraqi artist Moa'yad Ni'ma even in the days of Saddam when he used to publish his sketches without praising the regime and in he focused on social subjects rather than political issues to avoid conflict with the regime and still preserved his honesty and kept his message going.
I've been thinking for several days now about writing a post to explain why we are optimistic and why we smile despite the difficult situation here and why we insist on supporting the change in Iraq.
Ni'ma in this caricature did the job for me and he put all my words and much more than that in one picture.
People ask:
Was the change in Iraq worth our sacrifices?
Are we ready to give more for the sake of freedom and democracy?
What's the highest price that we would pay to get our freedom?
Is it possible to keep the smiles on our faces while we bleed?
Is there something more valuable than freedom?
I believe this image has all the answers.


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