Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baghdadis are without water...And so is the government.

This article caught my attention while I was reading Al-Mada newspaper this morning and I would like to share it with you.
By the way, to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion I think I should mention that there are some sarcastic sentences in this article:

Baghdadis are without water… and so is the government.
Two contradicting feelings I had when I heard from some journalists that the offices of the Iraqi government had been temporarily evacuated because of the water shortage that is infesting Baghdad. Two different feelings I had; the 1st was positive and the other was negative.
The government is without water!!

The positive scene says that Iraqi officials at the top of the state's pyramid are no longer different from the people and here they are suffering from the shortage of water just like we're doing after the brave insurgents targeted the water pumps to get the Americans out of the country and rid the people of their evil and here are the Americans, thirsty to death in Iraq and they'll probably leave in a day or two!

In the near past, Iraqis lived an era where the ruling class was living in Iraq but not exactly living in it. They governed the country in the name of a people they haven't shared its pains and sufferings and never thought of providing the citizens with the most basic needs of living.
In summer times; our former officials didn't enjoy the burning sun and in winter they didn't get the advantage of sleeping on a bed of frost and the people alone-out of the government's love-enjoyed these generous gifts while they (our rulers) lived in high palaces away from noise and harm.

While today, a journalist told me what made me feel like crying and laughing at the same time, he told me about ministers and PM's who couldn't water in rest rooms and how he saw a number of them carrying water in containers on their way to the rest rooms in the corridors of the convention center.
…And Baghdadis are without water!!

The negative scene that came to my mind says that our security situation is still catastrophic and this is not the 1st time where the justice rangers attack the artery of life in Baghdad and the people go thirsty but the case remains that no protective measures are being taken and more worse, no backup plans were made to deal with emergencies.

However, we over at Al-Mada are still doing our job in spite of the water shortage and the constitutional committee is still doing its job too.
We have dug a well in the backyard some time a go and it's serving us at times of need and it seems that our National Assembly and constitutional committee should consider digging a well in the green zone so that they can find water when they need it, that if things are to remain as they currently are.
Baghdadis are without water…said hadji Ahmed, the taxi driver I hired in the morning.
But the government is without water too…said hadji Abu Hasan, the taxi driver who drove me home in the evening.

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