Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of the democracy that is taking roots in Iraq and despite those regimes' and their media's attempts to make Iraq look like hell in the eyes of their people, this dark image didn't stop the Kurds in Iran from celebrating a Kurdish Iraqi deserved achievement they were deprived of in their country.
Hundreds of Kurds in Mahabad city in Iran celebrated the Kurdish parliament's decision to choose Mas'ood Barzani as a president for Iraq's Kurdistan.
The celebrations turned into clashes with the police and the demonstrators torn apart the elections posters in the streets.

Although Iran his an older experience than Iraq in elections as we're pretty new to such a process it seems that our experiment is more likely to spark celebrations than elections in Iran itself.
Do the rest of us now realize why our neighbors try to fail the change in Iraq? And is there still a doubt that these neighbors are directly interfering in Iraq's business to stop the wave from approaching their shores?
We're terrifying them but not with our army our chemical weapons like Saddam did; this time we're terrifying them with our new model and they won't be able to stop this model from taking its place.


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