Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lightening update.

Following are some updates about the security operations in Baghdad and some other cities in Iraq in the last 24 hours:

Iraqi security forces arrested former general Abid Dawood Sulaiman who is Zarqawi's military affairs aide and one of the founders of "the army of Mohammed" one of the terror groups that mainly formed from members of Saddam's army and was one of the groups that fought in Fallujah.

Abid's son, former engineer Captain Ra'ad was also captured and it's believed that this person was responsible for manufacturing and planting roadside bombs that target American and Iraqi troops.

The arrests were made in Khaldiya region north of Baghdad; a place known for a high frequency of attacks against Iraqi and American forces.
In another development, the ministry of interior released 460 men who were arrested at an earlier time as part of operation lightening. Spokesman from the ministry explained that no enough evidence were found against those men.
General Flayih from the ministry stressed that those former detainees have all the right to sue any person or entity that might have violated their rights during their detention time.

General 'Hmood from Wasit's police force announced that more than 700 suspects were detained in the southern parts of Baghdad since operation lightening was launched back in May 29th.
He also stated that among the detainees were 402 who have later confessed of committing murder and robbery while 153 were released later due to insufficient evidence.

In Mosul, the police forces arrested a cell phone agency owner for selling phones and phone lines to militant groups without asking them for the documents and information required that are required for registering phone lines in Iraq.
In Adhamiya district in Baghdad, two men who are supposedly responsible for a previous car bomb attack in the same area were arrested.

In Cairo district near Adhamiya, a Katyosha missile was found and disarmed near Al-Nidaa mosque and two other missile bases were found in A'amiriyah west of Baghdad. The two bases carried missiles that were directed towards a residential area.
In Ghadeer area, a citizen reported that he identified an IDE on the street.
Explosives experts found out that the IED consisted of 3x120mm mortar rounds and was later disarmed.

Two cars prepared for detonation one in Dola'ai neighborhood and the other in the north of Baghdad were identified and were detonated under control without any casualties.

In Yarmmok area west of Baghdad, 4 criminals were arrested while they were attempting to kidnap a civilian and 4 other suspects were arrested in a local hospital after tips were received from the locals.

Sources, Iraqi newspapers and local TV.

Update: Abu Talha Captured.


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