Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The rights of the disabled.

Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces are witnessing a considerable activity in holding public conferences and meetings for civil-society organizations to voicing their opinions and hopes about writing the new permanent constitution of Iraq and to guarantee the participation of wider segments of the Iraqi people in the talks about this vital process.

Such conferences and meetings have become so abundant and popular nowadays and many people are taking part in their activities especially intellectuals, politicians, artists, sheiks as well as ordinary people.
In this regard, the organization of health and culture organized a conference in Baghdad that called for discussing the draft of the international memorandum for protecting the rights of the disabled and to include the basic clauses of this memorandum in the permanent constitution.
The conference was attended by representatives of NGOs active in this field from all over the country.

At the end of the conference, the delegates demanded to include the principle of nondiscrimination among Iraqis in the Iraqi constitution and they stressed that differences among human beings must be respected and that disability must be accepted and treated as a type of human variation.
The participants in the conference also asked the government to provide all that is needed to guarantee equality in opportunities.


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