Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Iraqi law makers call for dismantling militias.

The majority of the National Assembly's members agreed upon calling for dismantling the armed militias in Iraq and they expressed their concerns from having these militias imposing the policies of their corresponding parties on the political process in the country.
This discussion took place in yesterday's session of the National Assembly.
Some MP's suggested merging these militias with the state's armed forces but others emphasized on the principle that such issues must be dealt with on basis of national interest and not on the ethnic or sectarian basis which these militias were established for.

Sources; Iraqi newspapers.

I commend what those PM's have said and this shows the beauty of democracy; despite the fact that many of those people are part of the parties to which the militias belong to, the voice of reason grows louder over the voice of arms in the halls of an elected parliament.
The people are watching and the PM's realize that and realize what the public want.
I love democracy as it won't let me down.


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