Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another Lightening update.

During the latest 24 hours of operation lightening in Baghdad, 128 suspects and wanted criminals were arrested and amounts of different weapons and ammunitions were discovered:

The 2nd brigade of the interior ministry has arrested 16 terrorists in "Street 60" in Al-Doura area and other 7 suspects in Al-Sha'ab district.
Also in Al-Doura but this time forces of the 3rd regiment arrested 5 terrorists among whom was an "Amir", i.e. a terror cell leader.
10 other suspects were arrested in another area in Baghdad and some weapons were confiscated in the arrest.

In Al-Mansour area, 3 criminals who were trying to abduct an Iraqi citizen were captured along with their BMW vehicle. Weapons were found inside the vehicle.
In a palm grove area near Kadhimiya 4 terrorists were arrested and a car prepared for an attack with explosives was disarmed.

Also, in the Rasafa half of Baghdad, units from the Wolf Brigade arrested 8 suspects in Zayoona neighborhood.

On the other side of the Tigris, Al-Karkh police forces announced that they've arrested 28 wanted criminals and 26 suspects and confiscated 15 vehicles that are supposedly being used in criminal activities.

In the Southern districts of Zafaraniyah and Al-Aamil 25 terrorists were arrested after a midnight raid that lasted for 6 hours.
Sources from the police force confirmed that among the detainees was a terror cell leader named Abu Omar Al-Jihaishi who's supposed to be responsible for many terror attacks.

On the other hand, explosives experts in Thi-Qar province succeeded in disarming 4 IEDs were planted in the streets in Souq Al-Shiyookh and Al-Gharraf towns; one of the IEDs that was hidden inside a large abandoned pipe weighed around 30 kg (more than 60 pounds).
Sources; Iraqi papers and TV.

Meanwhile, it seems that that Operation Spear is making good progress as well.

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