Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Not against terrorism and not against "occupation".
Around a hundred Iraqis went to the street in Baghdad yesterday in a demonstration that is considered the 1st of a kind against…..smoking!
I read about it this morning in the Iraqi paper Al-Mashriq:

Signs and banners saying things like "No to the culture of addiction" and "Smoking and poverty are circles of the same chain" and similar slogans against smoking.
Mr. Jabir Hashim, the organizer of the demonstration asked the government in the name of the participants to take some serious steps to fight the "spreading disease of smoking". The demonstrators had also urged the government to impose higher taxes on tobacco imports and encouraged the civil society organizations to play an active role in fighting smoking through educating the people about the dangers and multiple side effects of this bad habit.

Talking about higher taxes on tobacco makes me feel nervous.
Time for a cigarette break!


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