Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tariq Aziz confesses "The US didn't give Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait".

Tariq Aziz's lawyer Mr. Badee Aarif said that he met his client 4 days ago and he saw that Aziz's health wasn't in a good condition.
Anyway, that's not my zone of interest but the interesting thing to me is that when Aziz was asked by his American interrogators about if the American ambassador in Baghdad encouraged Saddam or gave him the "green light" to invade Kuwait back in 1990, Aziz answered with "NO" and said that this was merely a rumor and this is according to his lawyer who gave an interview to the Iraqi paper Al-Mashriq.

The paper also asked Aarif if any pressures were exercised on his client and he declared that the American interrogators treated Aziz with respect and they showed understanding towards Aarif's mission but he complained from one of the Iraqi prosecutors who he said was rude in dealing with Aarif and Aziz.

The significance of the confession made by Aziz comes form the fact there is a strong conspiracy theory here and in the Arab world that appeared right after the gulf war and suggested that the US set a trap for Saddam and that the American administration at that time wanted him to invade Kuwait in order to give the US the excuse to destroy Iraq's army and build American bases in the gulf region and of course control and steal all the (what else?) oil.

They ones who spread this conspiracy theory were apparently trying to put the blame on America but at the same time they failed to realize that even if their theroy was true, it wasn't going to make him look innocent; instead, it was only going to make Saddam look more foolish!

Well, I guess another conspiracy theory has just been shot dead, ironically on the hands of the ones who invented it!

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