Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Among 40 beautiful women competing for the Miss UK title, one carries Iraqi blood in her veins; that's Miss Nottingham Sara Mendili (23) who's got a degree in "organic medicine".

Sara who left Iraq when she was 12 said that her mother encouraged her to join these contests because "I didn't have the chance to win in beauty contests in Iraq where the awards were reserved for girls from the ruling family and their friends" said Sara.

According to the current results of voting for choosing the 12 finalists-which started in the beginning of August and will last till the 3rd of September-Sara is still ahead of the nearest contestant by over 500 points.

Dar Al-Hayat paper which reported the story mentioned that the Iraqi community in the UK is divided over Sara's participation; while moderate westernized Iraqis supported her and helped her with her campaign to get more votes, conservatives and Islamists are calling her names and making jokes about her.

I wish her good luck.

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