Monday, August 15, 2005

Constitution update.

Al-Iraqia TV is providing live coverage from the meetings in convention center; right now there are meetings between the leadrs of political powers to reach a final agreement over the few remaining disputed parts of the constitution.

The session of the National Assembly that was scheduled to start at 6 pm local time was delayed till 8 pm and then again till 10 pm tonight and there is hope (actually little hope now) for an agreement to be reached tonight so that the draft can be submitted to the National Assembly for approval.

I'll try to keep you updated as often as possible.

Update (10:40 pm)

Images from Al-Iraqia show empty seats awaiting the members of the National Assembly, so there's still hope they're going to meet tonight.

Update (11:02)

Assembly members are taking their seats in the hall and PM Jafari is attending the session too.

Update (11:15)
Video transmission is down for all stations covering the session.
more updates soon.

Update (11:25)

Well, forgot to add "hopefully" to the above line but anyway, image is back and I see people counting the attendants to see if the session is attended by the requirted number.
Stay tuned!

Update (11:30)

Chairman of the National Assembly Dr. Hachim Al-Hasani announces that there are a few issues that are still unsolved and he's requesting more time.
Full detailed announcemnet will follow a short speech by president Talbani.

Update (11:40)

Talbani made a very short speech and now Al-Hasani is talking.
He's asking the members of the Assembly to vote on a decision to modify the TAL so that it offers the Assembly more time to complete the draft of the constitution.
This will require the approval of 75% of the Assembly members to get an additional week (7 days!) for the CDC to finish their work and reach agreements over the unsolved issues.
Votes are being counted now....

And the modification is approved and Al-Hasani is asking the presidential board to sign the decision and approve the modification.

Session is over.

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