Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some members from the national assembly (mainly from the SCIRI and the Sadr trend as far as I know)have been trying to make a big issue out of the recent Kuwaiti movements to draw the border lines between Kuwait and Iraq and they reached as far as calling these movements an aggression.
The Iraqi governemnt on the other hand is trying to calm them down and stop the case from assuming a bigger size than it actually deserves.

Haider Al-Mousawi spokesman of Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi said that the fabricated recent crisis with Kuwait has political aspects designed by known political figures and it's being fed and used by some parties to harm the relationships between the two countries and he confirmed that the behavior of the Kuwaiti authorities was not a violation and it was within the limits of the Security Council resolutions and he said that tense statement made by some Assembly members are absolutely needless especially that the government is sending a delegation to discuss the situation and there will be another visit by Ahmed Chalbi to Kuwait soon to confine the situation and restore friendly relationships.

The statement was given to Al-Ra'ee Kuwaiti paper.

In the same regard, PM Jafari in an earlier TV appearance called for self-control and stressed that it's irrational to escalate tensions with our neighbors at this time and that such issues can and should be solved through diplomatic means.

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