Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Sunni parties appear to be preparing for a full scale participation in the coming elections:

Arab Sunnis have already started preparing the slates with which they're going to enter the electoral competition later this year.
It’s believed that Adnan Addulaimi (the former head of the department of Sunni property) will be among the top figures on these slates.
A spokesman of the 'general conference for the Sunni' said that the conference expects a turnout of around 5 million voters among the Sunni Arabs and added that the focus now is on nominating degree carriers, tribal sheiks and clerics as well as academic female figures to be their candidates for the elections.
From Al-Sabah.

There's no doubt that lots of parties who consider themselves to be representative of the Sunni will try to win as many as possible from these anticipated 5 million votes but as far as now, there are no qualified figures that can really represent the majority of the Sunni and get their trust.

One should remember that in the January 2005 elections, most of the Sunni who participated in the elections gave their votes to Allawi (a She'at) while Sunni candidates like Adnan Bachachi (former GC member) got only a few thousand votes and this gives us the impression that Sunni have no problem in voting against their sectarian emotions in the favor of a strong leadership which is the form of leaderships they always seem to prefer.

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