Saturday, August 07, 2004

Today we posted for the 1st time in the Iraqi press. It’s in “The New Sabah” newspaper. I met one of this newspaper editors in one of my friends’ house and after he knew about our site and after seeing it he asked me if I wanted to publish one of my posts in his newspaper but he warned me that some of our points of view are daring and may not be suitable for publishing in an Iraqi newspaper. Then he suggested to start with something like a report rather than an analysis just to introduce us to the his cheif editor.I chose one of the old posts that I linked from the Internet before and showed it to him. He liked the post since no one knew about the guy who was holding Saddam and that he is an Iraqi-American and told me to translate and edit it and that I can add what I want. When I finished the job he showed it to Ismail Zaier, the chief editor who was also the chief editor in Al Sabah before he left it to start his own successful newspaper. Mr. Zaier showed his approval and the post was published in thelast page without any change and without any other post with it except some advertisers with a headline in the 1st page directing the readers to it. He also told me that he likes our job and that he is looking forward for more articles from us.

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