Thursday, August 05, 2004

Is it not the time yet?!

The Iraqi minister of internal affair said that there will be no negotiations with Muqtada Al-Sadr and I salute the Iraqi government for taking this decision.
We’ve expected this from the very beginning and we stressed more than once that people like Muqtada are not fit for a peaceful political process and they will refuse all calls for talks because they closed the road to any talk a thousand years ago.

It’s time to take serious actions against the militant groups and it’s time to end any truce with them.
The ING, supported by the multinational forces must do their job because Iraq’s safety has become an international responsibility after many regional and non-regional powers have interfered to spread chaos in Iraq and to intercept the democratic process.

These militant groups have betrayed Iraq by their collaboration with other countries to destabilize the situation in Iraq while the true sons of Iraq are working to build their country. We need discipline and order now more than ever and I believe that who commits a simple traffic violation on purpose is really harming Iraq at this stage, let alone those who carry arms to fight us. Those should not be left free to do more damage.

It’s obvious that the new Iraqi government is not sure that it’s strong enough now to face a military revolt carried by Sadr followers while the coalition seemed always worried of how arresting Muqtada or crushing his persistent tries to disturb peace would affect the religious feelings of the common Iraqi She’at. I just want to say that common She’at in Iraq maybe simple but they are not stupid and they know what a fake this guy is and they know what’s good for them and what’s bad. As for the Iraqi government, they should know that dealing with this gang (as that’s what these people are, just a gang) in a soft and hesitated way can only strengthen their (the gangs) position and give them legitimacy. Sooner or later Sadr must be dealt with for good, as it’s obvious to any sane man that this guy and his followers do not belong or believe in democracy and will always cause a threat to Iraq’s future.
We’ve warned before of the consequences of negotiating with those thugs because they have no place in tomorrow’s Iraq.

We should put these thugs in their right place; traitors and mercinaries who took the opposite side to the majority of Iraqis, helping Iraq's enemies in spreading chaos while we all try to put our country on the right path to peace and democracy. All this for the sake of their personal interests only.

Those mercenaries are not going to understand the new world and therefore they won’t be able to adapt to live in it. More over, they’re rejected by the vast majority of Iraqis who really got tired of all that crap that leads only to the worst outcome.
The thugs have associated their interests with the crouching evil in some countries but they missed the fact that they’re standing on the losers’ side.

We have to confront them right now to expose the evil intentions of those betrayers who’re trying to sell Iraq to the enemies of freedom and humanity. I hope we’re not going to see another round of confrontation followed by “diplomatic efforts” that gives those thugs a time to breath and show them as a legitimate political party.

By Mohammed.

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