Saturday, August 21, 2004

One million hits!

Last night the site meter for Iraq the model showed that there have been one million visits to this blog since we activated the site meter last January. I want to remind you that the visits from the day we started the blog until we activated the site meter are not included so we actually reached one million visits some time ago.

We wouldn’t have reached so far without the support from our wonderful regular readers who took the effort and time to introduce Iraq the model to more readers and have always encouraged us to continue.

I know that this number is not a big deal when compared with the traffic of some top blogs that are being visited by millions every month but we feel proud of this achievement because I guess it can still be considered a big deal for a blog that was started less than a year ago by three guys who never heard of the word (blog) before that.

We’d like also to say thanks to all the great bloggers and websites that linked to Iraq the model driving the attention of thousands of new readers to this blog, namely :
Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Roger L. Simon, Jeff Jarvis, Tim Blair, National Review, Lucianne, LGF, USS Clueless, Cold fury, Winds of Change, Soundfury, Arthur Chrenkoff and of course all my fellow Iraqi bloggers especially, Salam (the first Iraqi blogger), Zeyad and AYS who encouraged us and helped us to start this blog.
The list is too long so I apologize if I didn’t to mention someone.

By the way, because we’re celebrating this new record tonight we’re going to announce ‘amnesty’ to all those who were banned. Now everyone can enjoy freedom of speech in the comment section on one condition; follow the rules which I guess are simple :
No abusive words. And no racism.
Bye for now my friends.

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