Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Now I know the reason for the war...

No, it wasn't for control, and no it wasn't for oil. It was for tattoos!

At Saddam days there were 'laws' made at some periods (late 90s) that prohibit wearing clothes or having hair cuts in a way that simulates westren customs, you know like having a hair cut similar to that most of the marines have, or wearing shorts, or T-shirts that have a flag of a western country (especially US and UK), or any obvious English word on them. One of those days I almost got suspended from high school for a week for wearing a T-shirt with the British flag on it. I had to promise never to wear it or anything like it again. They even made a remark about my school-bag because it had the NIKE trademark!

In short, Papa Saddam was very keen on protecting us and our culture from any invasion from the west. We should dress, eat, walk and behave like a true Ba'athist who is very proud of being Arab (although you could be Kurd but you're still an Arab!) and should believe that *nothing* good can come from outside. Well, it seems that no one now can protect us from cultural invasion and I guess that's what it was all about.

Since most of the tattoo lovers in Iraq seem to be fans of heavy metal, it becomes obvious who's going to benefit from this war. Don't tell me that Halliburton (or the Zionists) don't have shares in records companies that produce heavy metal music!

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