Sunday, August 01, 2004

Between Darfur and Baghdad.

What caused this massacre to happen? Tens of thousands of victims and a million left homeless and again, the world couldn’t prevent the tragedy from happening.
Why is this happening again and why do we find ourselves again compelled to find solutions after paying a high price of human lives and after adding another stain to the world’s history?

We all know the reason but we didn’t agree on a way to deal with it till now and many of us are still working hard on the old ways that proved to be useless, only to escape bearing the responsibility which is definitely everyone’s responsibility.

The Security Council is facing a new test but I feel that it can’t come up with something new or different this time. In spite of what the Congress and some of the free world countries declared that they will be moving fast to deal with the situation, what happened has happened and all we can do right now is trying to stop further bloodshed.

While the reason why this crime happened, which is dictatorship, is going to find an opportunity to win some time and ‘solve’ the crisis using the same old ways that everyone knows by heart; empty words that stress on the “determination of the government in Sudan to overcome the situation”, lousy resolutions to reassure the world that what was done was an obligation and finally comes a cheap play of a fake trial for some men that noone knows even their names. These men are kind of a decoy sacrifice that dictatorships can always find to distract the world and fool the people. Of course nobody will show any strong opposition as the government had already have a grip of steel over the people. The real criminals will shake hands with each other and they will rest assured that they’re capable of escaping punishment easily.

It’s always dictatorship. We all know that it’s the reason behind all evil things on earth but we still deal with it in the same old way.
Dictators are the ones we must fear when they possess WMDs which are the common goal for them.
Actually dictatorships are the real WMDs. Every now and then they commit massacres worse that the ones WMDs can cause. Dictatorship is a corrupt fountain of poverty and human sufferings and it’s the mother of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Where do terrorism come from and where do we find such crimes? Simply in countries like Sudan, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Libya and Syria. These countries are the source of terrorism and the common factor among them is the wretched dictatorship.

I doubt that many will support repeating the unique courageous action that took place in Iraq. Although it’s the best choice, they will focus on the bad sides and turn their backs to the big deal which is the fact that there’s no way what happened in Darfur can happen in Iraq. In spite of the war we’re fighting against terror and in spite of the exaggerated media reports about the casualties, the last report for the international organizations said that the number of victims in Iraq due to terrorist attacks and violence is around 12 000 in one year. Yes, we’re fighting in a fierce battle but nothing can match the massacres we had suffered in Saddam’s days and we will never wish those horrible days return and in the future we will never experience something like what happened in Darfur where tens of thousands of people were slaughtered in a record interval as a part of an organized action planned for and supported by the government.

Our battle will end soon and then we will be the best in the region but what happened in Darfur will happen again and again in other countries led by dictators.
It’s now obvious that the world needs guts like the US and her allies have and the agreement to eradicate dictatorship must become on the top of the world’s priorities because it’s the origin of all evil.

Don’t think of me as a war fan. I’m not enjoying the noise of jet fighters or the destruction car bombs leave behind or the militants who try to terrorize me. I’m still dreaming of living like other people who live in London, Sydney, New York or Stockholm but I accepted to take this choice, the choice of war because it’s the only way to reach my dreams.
My people accepted to give what it takes to build our better future.

By Mohammed.

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