Saturday, August 07, 2004

Living on the edge.

More destruction and more victims and the cause is just as always, the traditional way of thinking that Arab and Muslim leaders have been adapting for a long time with various degrees of success whether local or national, both inside and on international levels. They fight and negotiate, declare jihad and ask for truce all within a very short period and they do it again and again in an organized scheme that aims to delay the definite fate of all dictators. “NO” to a real solution, as that’s the last thing these “historical leaders” want.

These people think that the perfect leader should be very cunning and one who can survive all crisis that he started himself and he starts them because this make it easier for him to control the way they end. He shouldn’t wait for them to lay upon his head, and all this in total isolation from what’s good for the people. The whole effort and sacrifices have one aim; survival of the leader and this should mean victory for the nation!

Their idol was Abdul Nassir and after him came the master, Saddam who was a striking example of how such tactics can work for a very long time. He was always capable of living on the edge without going back and without falling; just wasting time, depleting people’s resources and efforts so that his tyranny grows stronger. Nearly all Arab and Muslim leaders worked their way in a very similar manner. They never want the people to be strong and capable, as they know that it means their end. They know very well how to lead their followers to lost battles that brings only disasters, but cannot affect their leadership, maneuvering in a way that keep them at the top and constant tension that gives others no time to stop and think. You should be always busy and endangered while the leader remains safe.

Where does Sadr bring these ideas from? Naturally from people who have the same desire and the same nature, people like Saddam who are so thirsty for power and so keen of maintaining it for ever. He has many examples to learn from such as Arafat as I doubt seriously that he and his deputies want a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I doubt that Bashar Al Assad wants the “Golan heights” back, as then their alleged battles will come to an end and the “historical leaders” who are void of any constructive vision for their people’s future will be left with nothing that justifies their presence in the eyes of the simple defeated citizen.
Those people live on instability and threats and they have become experts in this field. “Yes” and “No” together and you cannot take only one of them as an answer. Today there’s “No” with “Yes” kept reserved for tomorrow. Sadr loses the battle in Najaf and asks for a truce but just yesterday his offices were declaring jihad and calling America the enemy! In the same manner, Saddam allows the inspectors to work in Iraq after refusing this many times, and with the decision of throwing them out again prepared in his mind just when things cool off again.

The “Yes” and “No” continue overlapping to keep the dictator safe and strengthen his position while they confuse his enemies and the truth is that these leaders had the right to think so, as the highest international organization and many governments in the free world were (and still) fall to this childish game and play along with those dictators, and why not!? As it’s only the people governed by those dictators who will suffer, not them!

However, things have changed and they have changed drastically, and living on the edge is no longer as promising as it used to be, but nobody seems to have learned anything from Saddam’s disgraceful end and this should not be seen as very strange, as those leaders have graduated from the same school with the same stupidity and ignorance.

They also can’t change simply because it means the end to their sick dreams, as what can they offer to build a peaceful prosperous and free nation?! Obviously nothing and this leaves no place for them at the top and they should work hard and learn more like everyone else to be able to provide something useful to the others which is definitely not what they want nor what their sick idiotic minds can afford. Thus these leaders will never change but instead they will be changed by force and soon earth will tremble under their feet just like what happened to their idol.

We are certainly sad because of the innocent lives that were lost and the
destruction that took place during the last clashes that are still going on but we certainly will not ask for a truce or a moment of peace, not until killing or arresting all militants and putting an end to their illusions. It’s time to stop listening to these thugs. We don’t want the peace they offer just to sit and wait in anticipation of another disaster. I wish that the Iraqi government will keep the course of disarming all militias whether in Najaf, Basra, Fallujah or Samarra because it will be a shame if we fall in a trap that we see so obviously under our feet, a trap made by retarded thugs, and in the same manner in which we were ready to accept sacrifices to get rid of Saddam, we will accept all the disturbances and losses and we will offer all the help and support that is needed to the government, IP, ING and the multinational forces to get rid of these criminals. Our freedom was earned through hard sacrifices and we have gone through a very long and hard road and we can’t go back and NO ONE can stop us now.

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