Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Pharoz Rajifar (sp?) president of the Iranian organization that " Defends values of Islam" said that 15 thousands Iranian have volunteered to commit suicidal attacks in Iraq. Hamshri newspaper that's published in Iran reported that Mr. Rajifar mentioned that all the volunteers are ready to "defend Islam" in southern Iraq or any other place that might need their services. The registration process started in last June following the clashes between the coalition forces in Iraq and Sadr's militia in Najaf and the latest clashes have "provoked more people to volunteer".

The Iranian government said that this initiative has nothing to do with the government and refused the accusations of interfering in Iraq's internal affairs saying that the Iraqi officials need to prove these accusations or remain silent.

I don't know how many proves we need! Besides how can a government say that it has nothing to do with thousands of its citizens threatening peace and preparing suicidal attacks in another country, and all in public!? Don't they have a law against this? What if those people have threatened to kill someone in Iran? Would they have been left free? Besides we have enough suicide bombers for a couple of months at least, and Iran has done more than enough to support Sadr and all the “Jihadists” in Iraq. It was even reported that Zargawi uses Iran-Iraq borders to go in and out of Iraq. They have allied with the She'at worst enemies; the Wahabies just to destroy Iraq and prevent democracy here. I wonder how far they will go!

Things are going very ugly with Iran. We would never even think of going to another war but I'm really lost at how are we going to deal with these evil Mullahs and their non-stopping attempts to destroy Iraq regardless of the cost.

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