Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Iraqi National Assembly

Over the past few weeks a group of wonderful people have been working on a website, press release, and other campaign material to prepare for our announcement that two of us, me (Ali) and Mohammed, will be officially announcing our candidacy for the Iraqi National Assembly. You can read the official press release here:

Press Release 2004-08-18 (عربي)
Press Release 2004-08-18 (English)

While there is still much work to do, now would be a good time to thank all the people who helped make this possible:

But to actually win a seat in the Iraqi National Assembly, we will need help from many many people. The Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party website list ways you can help make this dream come true.

I must say that we thought about this soon after the end of the war and we started a small party as some of you probably remember me saying that, but things didn't go well at that time and we couldn't continue. After starting our blog however, your support, encouragement and the wonderful things we learned from you, made us believe that we can do it again. This time we won't quit, because even if we don't win we know that we'll achieve something and something that we believe important; taking active part in the democratic process in our country.

For sometime we thought that we can help by doing our jobs and by posting our opinions here on the blog, and while we still think it does help, the battle against tyranny and fanaticism in our country demands more than that. It demands that each one of us put all the effort he/she can make and take an active stand regardless of how difficult or dangerous it may seem. We simply cannot just stand and watch and we hope that we will encourage others also to do their best in order to achieve our freedom and establish democracy in a country that suffered more than enough from wars, dictators, terrorists and fanatics.
We believe that democracy is the only cure to all those diseases and the only answers to all threats. As hard the battle seems now and as far victory may look, we believe in our people and we believe in our friends and we know we will win.


Ali & Mohammed

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