Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Do you remember the post I made about my uncle and his son Ibrahim?
If you don’t, please read it now and you’ll understand why I’m posting this:
My uncle had just visited us with his son and this time they came in his new car that he bought recently.
It’s a used 1992 Opel and it cost him 2450 $ which he managed to pay without being in debt.

The last car my uncle had was (Nasr) the Egyptian version of the Italian 1978 Fiat. He had to sell it in 1993 to cover some of the needs of his family’s daily life. He never bought a car after that because he simply couldn’t afford it with a maximum salary of 10 $ a month.

My uncle said ”on my last visit to Hilla in an inspection tour my heart was wormed when I saw that most of the teachers in all schools I visited have bought cars”.
Here’s Ibrahim standing beside his car and here’s he practicing his driving skills in our garage.

He doesn’t believe anymore that they came to destroy Islam instead he thinks that they’re here to protect their interests and when I asked him how did they do that he said “by removing Saddam because he was threatening their interests” and when I asked him about our interests he said “prosperity”.
I asked him if our interests could be in conflict with America's interests and he said "I don't think so".

They're still here at our house and I showed them the comments from the readers in responce to the post I wrote about him, he was delighted and surprised to see the support and warm wishes but he said that the Americans have a bad impression about the clerics as he said that most clerics do nor interfer in politics at all.

Ibrahim's perception of events has changed a little. He sees that things have improved but he’s still not sure about the future.

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