Saturday, July 03, 2004

A very deep analysis.

I was sitting watching a program on one of the Arab channels; the program was talking about the latest wave of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. The host asked "what do you think is behind the increased frequency of attacks recently in the KSA?" addressing an Arab "political expert", the "expert" replied saying "Iraqi is occupied, you know and her borders are wide open for terrorists to move in and out freely".

The host looked surprised by this answer and tried to tell the "expert" that the attacks were carried out by fighters from Al-Qaeda and KSA is the original home land for this terrorist organization but the expert said once again "The Americans are now ruling Iraq and they drew the terrorists attention to the region". The host started here to look intolerant and said "But these were not the first attacks to happen, KSA was the field of a lot of violence since the 90's".

Maybe you won't believe me if I told you that our "expert's" reply was "Yes, but the Americans are occupiers and the borders are left widely open".

The host said with apparent distress "Sir, but every single human being knows that Iraq is the victim of terrorism and fighters from all over the world are coming to fight in Iraq and they cross the borders from Syria, KSA, and Iran to get INTO Iraq, not out of it".

"See!, this is the point; the borders are open and terrorists can move freely and this is why terrorist attacks increased in KSA" replied the "expert"………………!!!.

This conversation may look funny, but it's actually not that funny because, it really happened.


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