Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Another 'sovereign' government.

 The Philippines government have withdrawn and submitted to the kidnappers’ demands and the hostage got freed.
In my opinion -and I think many people agree with me- it is a very bad move to submit to the demands of a small group that represents no one but itself and pay no attention for the demands of the whole international community to rebuild and stabilize Iraq and help democratic changes in a very politically- turbulent area. This is a huge mismanagement of a crisis that the government in the Philippines should be ashamed of.
Where is that great example that you offer to your people when you tell them " yes, I'm willing to adopt the opinion of a very tiny group of extremists rather than that of a whole nation asking for our help".
The people of the Philippines should look cautiously at this government and not put their trust in it, as it is isolating itself from the rest of the world, a world in which interests intermingle in a considerable manner that makes such attitude an irrational one.

Not so long ago, the American government provided a lot of support for the government of the Philippines to confront the dangers of the growing terrorism there. The US offered money, experts and advice to assist the Philippines despite the fact that the terrorists were holding an American citizen as a hostage among tens of other hostages.

Is this how the government in the Philippines express its gratitude to the US and the world? Are they trying to say that their lives are more precious than ours or the Americans? Did they think they won’t need help again, and why should the US keep helping them when they betray her?
Why was America willing to sacrifice her sons in the Philippines while the Philippines decided to abandon us?
The war on terrorism isn’t limited to Iraq alone and terrorism exists in the Philippines too and many other parts of the world. So, why don’t they take the risk and accept the sacrifice?
 This is not the way to show care for citizens' lives and to prove sovereignty. Sovereignty means commitment and not Yielding  to threats when it comes to the country's vital interests which ensures citizens' prosperity and safety on the long term. Sorry but you and the Spanish government are not the least bit sovereign and your citizens should worry to whom you're going to submit the next. When you refuse to respond to the US demands you don't show strength simply because you don't fear their punishment since democratic nations don't take revenge or act according to emotions, and when at the same time you submit so easily to a group of thugs you do show how weak and incompetent you are. I'm not sorry that you left, as what we need now are strong and determined allies, and we have them. 


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