Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Have some guts Allawi.

Although he’s still wanted for justice by an Iraqi judge warrant, yesterday, the ban on Muqtada’s radical paper got removed.
Is this how we are going to build democracy?! By making compromises with gangs and radical groups that are still trying to impose their vision on the others!?
Today, this group started to launch attacks on liquor dealers In Amara city; burning or blowing their stores, and one of their spokesmen declared that the Mahdi army will not stop until they get rid of all alcohol dealers to implement Share’a laws.
This announcement makes people suggest that this Mahdi army is responsible for similar attacks in other Iraqi cities, as people in Basra recall that Muqtada’s thugs attacked liquor stores in Basra last year to monopolize this prosperous trade.
Some firm action is needed to stop this gang that frankly declares that they will not obey the Iraqi law.


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