Saturday, July 24, 2004

A joint force from the Iraqi National Guard and Iraqi police launched a crack down on dens of terrorism in Haifa street.An authorized source said that the operation started Thursday dawn in Haifa and the  near sites after reported accurate intelligence information on the presence of large number of terrorist groups and supporters of Saddam or those coming via the Iraqi borders from different nationalities.The source added that the Iraqi National Guard undertook installing check points in front of the compounds of the terrorists.The operation resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists from different nationalities and arresting not less than 165 persons among them 20 from different nationalities further for confiscating about 275 pieces of weapons."The accuracy of the intelligence information and the success of the operation contribute lessen the casualties among the national guards men and the Iraqi police ". The source clarified.Thanks to the consciousness of the Iraqi National Guard, the terrorist coalition lost its logistic support in the cities. 

  This operation seems to be a continuation to the one that took place on the 10th of July. It’s worth mentioning that this area has always been a source of trouble (as the people who inhabited Haifa St. Were almost Syrians who supported Saddam and were given flats in those buildings for free in the early 80s) since the end of OIF. This area lies just across the river opposite to the hospital where Ali works and he said that there was heavy gunfire and explosions almost everyday (mainly at night) coming from that direction but lately there has been a considerable decline in such hostile operations and that now you can hardly hear any gunfire.

 In another operation the National Guard and IP in Najaf confiscated 123 mortar and 225 rockets type SBG9 and lots of short-ranged missiles that were prepared to be launched towards Najaf city. The governer of Najaf made this announcement and said that a bunch of people escapede the scene where the weapons were found just as they saw the the IP patrols.
Details from Al Sabah.

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