Monday, July 05, 2004


So sorry for being late in this but Omar and Mohammed aren’t here yet and I had a duty at the hospital yesterday and I have just came now and the 1st thing I want to say is:
Happy 4th of July!
God bless America.
God bless American soldiers wherever they’re.

Happy 228 independence anniversary. This is a happy anniversary not only for Americans but for all the freedom loving people, as this day announced the birth of a great nation that served good and fought evil since that day and rescued humanity several times and prevented evil powers from controlling the world.

We all should be grateful for America; Yes they make mistakes but who doesn’t. We should be grateful for Americans because they saved the world from Nazism, totalitarian communists and we, Iraqis have more reasons to be grateful and to love Americans. They have saved us from one of the worst dictatorships ever, gave us freedom and are helping us so generously as we march towards democracy and as we try to build a prosperous stable and developed Iraq.

And here’s America volunteers again to save the world from one of the most fanatic, evil and dangerous power that wants not only to control the world but also don’t hesitate to declare that their ultimate goal is to destroy civilization targeting it where it stands best, in the USA. We should all stand by America in this war and opposing her for the sake of narrow interests or even standing aside and watching is not only a disgraceful attitude but also one that carries very dangerous possibilities.

Go America Go! And we are with you all the way.

Happy 4th of July my brothers and sisters and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.



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