Thursday, July 29, 2004

:: Muqtada Al-Sadr called his followers to remove his pictures from the walls and streets in an attempt to show his modesty. He also claimed that he has nothing to do with the atrocities and abusive actions of "some" of his followers.
I don’t know why you remind me of Saddam, Muqtada! To be more accurate; you’re a stupid Mullah (and Mulahs are already stupid) with the criminal attitude of Saddam and some comic qualities of Ghaddafi.

By the way, his pictures are already being torn and disfigured everywhere, and probably this is why he’s asking for their removal, as his followers were posting his pictures on the walls everywhere since the end of the war and only recently Iraqis' rejection and contempt for him have grown and they have expressed this through tearing his pictures and erasing his name leaving only his father’s name, as it’s part of his malicious propaganda to put the two together, along with the Iraqi flag so that no one would dare to tear the poster.

Sometimes you make me sick, sometimes you make me laugh but you always make me wonder; what kind of world is this that allows an imbecile like you not only to cosume some of earth's Oxygen but also to pollute the lives of millions of people by forcing them to see your, uh.. VERY handsome face and hear your eloquent speeches everyday!? As if we don't have enough problems already!

This picture is for one of his posters in an elevator in our hospital that I took about ten days ago. Most of his posters in the hospital were torn in a similar way.


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