Thursday, July 29, 2004

:: Black five posted a great story about two members of the ING who sacrificed their lives to save the lives of 250 Iraqis who were trying to join the National Guard.
This story was also sent to us by one of the readers.
Thanks a lot to all those who spread the truth about how Iraqis do everything and even sacrifice their lives to secure Iraq, protect their freedom and establish a new, democratic Iraq.

 Some people call us "paid off CIA agents" just because we support democracy in Iraq and the efforts of the coalition in fighting terrorism and building a new Iraq.
Well I guess they can say what they like about us but I dare any of them to say the same about those two heroes or the hundreds of thousands of ING and IP members who risk their lives everyday for the same reason. In fact I dare them to say anything at all about these heroes whether good or bad because they can’t say something bad about people who sacrifice their lives for their country’s safety, and they can’t say anything good as well because it contradicts what they have been whining about since the beginning of OIF. Therefore they choose the golden solution and remain silent!
I see this as a good choice, only if it lasts forever.

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