Monday, July 05, 2004

On security.

-The security forces in Sulaimaniya aborted a suicide attack on " Al Sulaimaniya Palace" hotel when the attacker drove his car fast into the front of the hotel but the hotel guards were faster than him and opened their fire towards the car which resulted in failure of the attack and the death of the terrorist.
Radio Sawa.

-In Diyala, another terrorist attack was carried by a Syrean suicide bomber who tried to break through the The barricade in front of the ICDC headquarters in Ba’aquba. The ICDC guards opened fire on the attacking car which resulted in the car exploding outside the headhunters. The attacker and a civilian Iraqi were killed in the explosion.

-The explosives experts in the IP managed to disarmed two bombs in Baghdad; one near the railway in Al Dawoody and the other near the Brazilian embassy in Al Mansour.

-Iraqi Police in Kut, 170 km southern of Baghdad, have discovered large quantities of underground stored weapons in a farm near the city. The police arrested a man working as farmer in the farm. As-Sabah reporter says that police and civil defense men loaded a couple of trucks full of weapons ammunition of former Iraqi army left in the said farm.
Al Sabah.

It seems that Iraqi security forces are fighting back harder day by day and soon Iraq will not be that open field for the terrorists.


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