Sunday, June 27, 2004

Warning!! Good news. Hazardous for pessimists, trolls and anti-war!

:: This morning, Al-Hurra TV reported that the IP succeeded in locating and disarming a big bomb placed in a car in the crowded Al-Jihad district in Baghdad. The bomb was made up of more than 50 kilograms of highly explosive materials together with some artillery shells.
The report also showed pictures for the car and the explosives.

:: Al-Sharqiya TV reported that the IP forces in Basra made a successful arrest of the largest oil-smuggling gang.
The report said that the IP arrested nine members of the gang and found 24 tankers loaded with oil and ready to be smuggled outside Iraq.

:: Al-Sabah paper reported that the IP has arrested the biggest abduction and assassination gang in Baghdad.
There was a fierce fight and heavy gun fire exchange before the IP could arrest the gang with their chief and there were no casualties among the IP.
The gang is believed to have connections outside Iraq.

:: The general directorate of passports declared that Iraqis are going to have new passports instead of the travel document issued by the CPA that are not accepted by most countries and are valid for a single trip only.
The new passports are prepared with high quality that make them uneasy to be faked and will be available to all Iraqis starting from the 5th of July.

:: Yesterday, a friend of mine who’s a doctor visited us. This friend was working in Yemen for five years and has came back 3 months ago to work here despite the fact that he was getting paid about 3 times the usual payment doctors get here.

It’s worth mentioning that most of my friends who were working in Yemen, Libya, Jordan, etc have came back to Iraq and others are still considering despite the large difference in salaries.
This friend of mine along with the others have been searching for a job since he came back and couldn’t get an answer. He was considering going back to Yemen since he didn't see any sighn of hope.

Yesterday he went to the Health ministry and they told him that his application was approved and that he’ll start working next July. He was also told that all the doctors and paramedics who were out of job for any reason will go back to work in chronological order according to the date of their applications but the need for their services will be considered in deciding who gets the job first. They told him that the ministry’s plan is to provide job opportunities for all the new graduates, health workers who left their job for any reason and any one who can be helpful in a plan to reduce unemployment and to promote healthcare in Iraq.

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