Monday, June 28, 2004

Congrats for all.

:: In a surprising move, sovereignty was handed-over to Iraqis, in a brilliant timing that interrupted the plans of the terrorists.
I couldn’t find myself but going out, taking some pictures and asking people about their feelings and anticipations regarding this great day.

Baghdad seemed quiet calm moreover this morning was even more peaceful than the last couple of days (at least till now).
Streets are void of any sign reflecting that a great and important event for Iraq and the region has just took place.
I’ve noticed that most people I met in the streets were delighted by this news and I saw a lot of optimism on their faces.
Some were sorry for the sudden depart of Abu Haider (Mr. Bremer) while I actually believe that he deserves a long vacation after his hard and long journey taking care of Iraq in this critical period.
During my ride there was no evidence of any presence for the coalition forces except for some helicopters watching from above.
“What happened was great, and the timing was so right” as described by many Iraqis.
It’s a painful strike for terrorism and their allies.

*To be updated.

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