Saturday, June 19, 2004

Sick and stupid dreams.

Another coward aggression in a series of terrorist attacks that targeted the officials in the new government as well as IP, the new army and the ICDC. It has become more than obvious that the purpose of these terrorist attacks is to prevent the emergence of the new, free and democratic Iraqi government. This government represents the most threatening danger to the successors of Saddam’s mentality, and also to Bin ladin’s followers and the dictatorships that surround Iraq. As the date of handing the authority and afterwards the elections gets closer, these criminals get more and more insane to the degree that it no longer can be concealed. This is shown through targeting not only the infrastructure that serves the Iraqi citizen, but also the citizen himself. This citizen has become ready and supportive of the peaceful handover of the authority in a civilized manner, and I can see through smoke and blood that we are winning this battle, we who believe in freedom and democracy and the simple citizen who hopes to be able to choose a leadership that represent him and care about his needs.

Our enemies are losing this battle because-and this has become evident- they have lost the support of the Iraqi people long ago, the people who were so happy and showed no regret when they took of their military uniform and threw away their rifles. Saddam had always tried to militarize the society and make violence the only way to practice authority and made every effort to popularize this as the only method to solve any problem anywhere.

Yes, they have lost the people and now they hide in small islands that our land will expel just as it had expelled Saddam and the Ba’ath.

Some people accuse us of watching negatively without trying to aid in eradicating this retarded group of terrorists and fascists; NO, that’s not true and Thursday’s attack prove this. Those who were killed today were the loyal and true sons of Iraq. They have decided to carry arms and fight within a legal institution that represent the Iraqi people; the Iraqi army. They did this whilst knowing the dangers that standing in these lines carry, as these lines of volunteers were targeted several times and hundreds of Iraqi youths were killed. To me, these are soldiers who have died honorably in a battlefield.

I assure you that these lines will never stop no matter how many times they target them, and I won’t accept what some people may say in that it’s the need that push these Iraqis to stand in these lines, as the terrorists and who finance them are ready to pay several times the salary these brave men are having and for even more simple services and less risky ones. You just have to consider the percentage of the IP and ICDC and Iraqi soldiers that have died since the 9th of April and compare it to that of the people who help the terrorists and you’ll know that their jobs is much more risky, as those who collaborate with the terrorists usually get arrested and not killed, that’s if they were caught.

I must add that the major danger that will face the new Iraqi state in the near future will be dealing with those who have embraced violence and rejected reason and dialogue as a method to achieve their goals (Sadr and his likes). That battle will not be easy and I’m sorry to say that I believe the new government will find itself forced to defend its existence and the interests of Iraqis by using arms, but at the same time it should not make this a general way of how to handle problems so that it can have and maintain the support of the vast majority of the Iraqi people. Here I want to say that I’m optimistic, as the terrible things those militias and all those who support violence have done when they had the chance to control some of the Iraqi cities made the Iraqis hate and resent them, and maybe the great reception that the citizens gave to the IP when they returned to the streets confirm my believe.

I think that the international community should be clear on with whom they’re standing and should support strongly the new Iraqi government, as it has become clearer than ever who is wrong and who is right and there should be absolutely no doubt about who is the evil and who is the good.

Those criminals seem to forget that the weapon in the oncoming battle will be the hearts and minds of the Iraqis and not RPJs or grenades, and I’m sure that these people will not find a place among the Iraqis because it is clear that most of them (Iraqis) support the change and thus support the new government.

These terrorists and fascists and the governments that support them are not only sick but they are also very stupid, as they think they’re accomplishing their goal by inflicting such sever losses and damages among Americans and Iraqis, when it merely have made their defeat closer. Had they fought like men, it would’ve been possible that some naive people would support them in the name of “liberation” and all this nonsense, but now and as they have been targeting mainly Iraq as a government, citizens and the whole country, they’ve lost any chance of achieving their sick dreams; Stopping democracy in Iraq.

-By Mohammed.

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