Monday, June 07, 2004

:: This sounds good. I believe it's a good step on the way to build the civil society which must be militia-free. No one should possess military power other than the government.
There are two more advantages in this agreement; the first one is that those militia s' men are well trained (especially the Kurdish guys) and their melting into the state army will add to its efficiency, and size of course.
The second one is that there will be no excuse for other groups to keep their militias, for example, Muqtada used to say "why me? Tell the other parties to disband their militias". Now, there will be only him and the remnants of the thugs in Fallujah and they will be eventually exposed to greater pressures with no more cards in their hands to play.
Also from the story:
"The U.S.-led coalition tried to persuade the militias to disband last year but failed because leaders were unwilling to give up their armed fighters at a time of deteriorating security."
I guess this indicates an interesting change in the Iraqi parties' evaluation about the security condition in the country.

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