Thursday, June 24, 2004

But they can't kill Iraq.

As the sovereignty hand-over getting closer, the insanity of terrorists reaches an extreme so they gave Iraqis another dark, bloody day that shows the terrorists’ dark dreams and their disrespect for human life whether western’s or arab’s, Christian’s or Muslim’s as long as they get in their way to destroy civilization since it represent evil in their sick minds.

The increased severity of theses operations indicate that their greatest fear is democracy in the ME and building democracy in Iraq is the seed for it. It’s obviously not only us who believe this, the terrorists seem to get it too!

The terrorists have proved to be the dictators’ closest allies, especially Saddam. Why didn’t we see attacks from Al-Qaeda or other fanatics on Saddam’s regime? Simply because they were serving each other’s goals. They are not strategic allies (dictators and terrorists)but they have similar tactical goals.

People here are getting more anxious and more worried as the 30th of June gets closer and as the attacks’ frequency increases. But what Iraqis fear most is a pessimistic scenario that includes the US army leaving the cities and armed militias controlling the streets and then killings, looting and chaos return in a manner worse than ever taking advantage of the lack of strong authorities.

Such ideas are having their effect on the behavior of the people despite the cautious optimism they felt when the IP reinforced their presence in the streets. It may seem illogical thinking but many Iraqis find it very difficult to trust any authority after all they’ve been through and reasoning play little role if any here. They need to see solid changes before they regain their trust in the others.

Debates increased recently about a situation similar to that happened after the 9th of April when the police disappeared and the officials left their offices so everything was ready to be looted and burned.

I believe that this is a very pessimistic scenario and those who think things might go in that direction and those who suggest declaring martial laws in the country overlook many facts, and what happened in the last several days proves that the violence is still confined to limited spots that represent a small percentage of this country while in most Iraqi cities the situation is pretty calm. That’s why declaring martial laws-in my opinion-is a gain for terrorism that will make the war zone expand to involve the whole country.

The attacks in the last few days illustrate the spots of the terrorists presence and activity whom foreigners represent a high percentage of their count because of the close proximity of Diyla governorate to Iran and the close proximity of Anbar and Mosul governorates to Syria, the two countries that have the greatest interest in the failure of the democratic process in Iraq. That’s why those spots must be dealt with in a special way but for a very limited time. Besides, there should be active communications between the authorities and the people who live there and there should be also a strong presence of the security forces.

The world should understand that we’re not like what we used to be and we’re not like those around us; a military coup, then an emergency situation imposed for decades to protect the “revolution” that hijacked authority by force against the will of the people. Emergency situations has become the normal situation in these countries because such situations serve the government not the people. And we have the American and the Israeli examples, two nations that are primary targets for terrorism but in spite of all what they’ve been through they never used emergency laws, and these are the examples we have to learn from here.

We should present the best example and I am optimistic because I see the majority of Iraqis, and despite their fears, have decided to go on no matter what. Yes, we’ll give sacrifices and we’ll go through sad days but I’m totally convinced that nothing can stop the process. We’ll pay precious blood but it’s worth the sacrifice. The accomplishment will be a great victory and a turning point in history that will influence the region and the world.

Once again I address those who think that the war on terror was a mistake; take a look at the Iraqi field and you can see how the terrorists have gone crazy proving by themselves that the war is on them. Still they can kill some of us but they can't kill our dreams and they can't kill Iraq. No more martial laws and we're ready to give more sacrifices to achieve our ultimate freedom and build democracy.

-By Mohammed.

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