Saturday, June 19, 2004

Paul Johnson; you are much closer to Allah than those who kill innocents in his name.

What’s happening and what for!? Why would a man who has committed nothing wrong and not only that, who was giving valuable services to people who live far away from his home, get killed in such a barbarian way?? Why this extreme brutality and disgusting crime that has nothing to do with humanity and that doesn’t fit with any religion or human morals? Why the persistence on using arms of the dark ages in this time and why insisting on spreading those pictures with the horrible details?

I refused to see this picture as I refused before seeing what some of the media insist to show us of pictures of dead and mutilated bodies because I know what’s the purpose behind all of this; it doesn’t terrorize me and the others only. The goal of the terrorists is not just to force the westerns to leave, as by presenting these pictures they seem to want to give us all a terrible shock so that our minds stop and our feelings move…and what feelings??…it’s anger, fear and hate and when we are possessed by such feelings we will cetainly act wrongly.

Yes they want us to act while motivated by hate and ABSOLUTE hate to become just like them, to hate each other without realizing in those angry moments that they’re criminals who do not represent anything but evil itself and not any people or religion. That’s the main objective; let us hate and get angry and disgusted and after that revenge will be the ideal solution to heal our wounded souls. That’s why I refuse to watch these pictures because I know they will certainly provoke some of that in me.

Who are these people? I see that they’re the product of fanaticism that was fed and upgraded by dictatorships in the Muslim world; they are a mutant generation that came as a result of this unholy marriage between retarded religious institutions and brutal dictatorships.

In the recent past people just like these were carrying swords at Saddam’s days, cutting people’s throats for the most trivial reasons. Cutting hands and decapitating is a character of dictatorships that use Islam as a cover to give them legitimacy and to justify their evil wills. It’s a concept that these regimes still try to popularize and one just have to look at the Saudi government. Why do they still use the sword to cut hands and heads of convicted people? Doesn’t this contribute in bringing such a mutant generation to existence?

What happened should make us more determined on pursuing our goals to spread freedom and democracy because they are the only way to destroy the environment that favors the growth of such parasitic creatures and stale convictions. This scene should make us more united, as by allowing hate to dominate we would give those criminals what they want so desperately.

Our sincere condolence to the victim’s family and to the American people, and I want to use a phrase I read today by one of my Iraqi fellow citizens: let those criminals know that their victim is closer to Allah than them.

-By Mohammed.

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