Monday, June 28, 2004


It’s a great day for all freedom lovers. No doubt is left now that we’re winning while the forces of darkness and evil are losing a key round in this war.

With great delight we received th news. this is the right and important step to build the free Iraq and
It’s a painful strike for terrorism and its allies.
They really missed this surprising and brilliant timing. And I guess they’re deeply shocked right now. Their luck couldn’t help them to scar this glorious day with another crime.

Most Iraqis met this news with happiness and hope about the new government’s performance, and who walks in a Baghdad now can feel relaxation in the atmosphere.

What happened this morning will have a great effect on the future of Iraq and the region as well. It has confirmed that America is serious regarding the handover and the creation of a democratic example in the ME through the change in Iraq.
It also confirms the readiness and will of Iraqis to bear their responsibility in rebuilding Iraq as fast as possible.

We, the people of Iraq, see and feel the active and potential dangers that threaten our country and the time has come for us now to stand side by side with our government to go through the coming period.

Our hope and our goal is to see the day when we can elect our representatives freely and more important is to be aware that the process is moving as we wish and there will be no room for those who dream of bringing back the past.

I can see only one bright road and I believe that going to the end is worth the sacrifices and we’ll never be discouraged by the dark pictures shown by the evil propaganda machines.
To me, we didn’t get rid of a military occupation today as I never considered the coalition’s presence as an occupation even if the whole world told me that I’m wrong.
Today we were freed for ever from the fear that a man and his family might once again control Iraq.

We believe that we have common interests and it’s necessary to keep a high level coordination between the US and Iraq and anyone who thinks that we can reach our goals without this coordination is totally wrong. We’re surrounded by some neighbors who don’t want to see the change happen and we’re being watched by angry eyes that will not let this newborn democracy grow up easily. That’s why a strategic alliance between our countries is an important factor for stability and will provide the necessary protection for the new model.

Iraq didn’t seek to have enemies after the liberation but it’s the others who targeted Iraq and made her their opponent not because Iraq doesn’t have a strong army right now nor because they have ambitions in Iraq but obviously because the found a great danger in the new idea and the new Iraq that threatens the core of their ideology which today’s step has made its end closer.
A big salute to the courageous and noble man; Mr. Bremer whom we said good bye to this morning. He proved that he’s the right man for the tough times. He struggled together with his Iraqi brothers to overcome the hardships in a critical era for this country and the whole world. I’m going to miss his presence and so will many Iraqis because we feel that who left today is one of Iraq’s sons.

A big greeting to the men who decided to bear the responsibility of Iraq’s safety and Iraq’s future.
They needed courage and faith to decide to work for Iraq in this hard time. May God help them guide this country with wisdom until the day when elections come.

It’s hard to appreciate the efforts of all those who helped us to get our freedom and rebuild our country. We will never forget them. We will keep them in our hearts.
God bless Iraq and her people.
God bless America and her people.

God bless all the coalition forces who supported operation Iraqi freedom.
May God bless the souls of all those who sacrificed their lives to free Iraq.

By Mohammed.

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