Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Facing terrorism with determination.

For decades, South Korean firms worked in Iraq, building many foundations in Baghdad and other cities and there were tens of thousands of Korea’s sons living among us for years and we respected each other. Today we saw a group, possessed by evil, claiming to be loyal to Iraq and Iraqis commit a barbaric action by beheading the Korean hostage claiming that they’re doing this for the sake of Iraqis.

I wish you were here to see the sorrow on the face of any Iraqi when I ask him “was this truly for the sake of Iraqis?”
Al I heard was words like cowards, cruel, disgusting. Most of the replies I heard stressed that those criminals were not Iraqis, everyone feels ashamed of this crime and I tell them: Yes, those were not from Iraq or any other nation on earth. They don’t belong to the human race at all and getting rid of those should be everyone’s duty. Look at them, what’s their public support and who are their allies.
No one ever heard of this group in Iraq before yesterday and this means that it’s a new birth for evil. They fight Iraqis just as they fight others. They want to frighten us as they try to frighten the others. They’re totally rejected and they WILL have no place in the new Iraq.

It hurts to know that some narrow minded governments encouraged those murderers to go on with their plans by complying with their demands. These governments by withdrawing their troops or employees from Iraq fed the terrorists’ lust for violence and made them believe that slaughtering further hostages will do the job.

We must give no sign that makes those terrorists think they’re able to break our determination and we can’t let those murderers force us to give up.
We’re moving with confident and right steps towards building the new free Iraq but a great task like this one is always full of dangers and requires sacrifices.

We’ll see other days of pain and grief but we’ll be satisfied with nothing less than victory and we will not let the blood of your sons and our sons go in vain.
I believe that Korea won a battle today by keeping her promise and keeping the faith that the war of the free world on evil can only be won by confronting it, not by running away.

Our deepest condolences to Kim Sun-Il’s family and to the people and government of South Korea.

By Mohammed.

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