Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A record for Iraq the model.

When I recall the old school days, the bad memories come to my mind first, as these are not easy to forget unlike the pleasant ones that often get lost. One of the worst things to remember from school days is the expression class which is a part of the Arabic language course; the teacher would write a subject headline on the blackboard and orders the students to write about a hundred or so words about that subject which was essentially related to the achievement of ‘our wise leadership’, ‘our beloved leader’ or about the holidays of the Ba├íth party. For me, this class was about who could write the best lies in this classroom. So I had to lie in order to get marks but I avoided writing good ones because that would lead to a disaster; the teacher used to ask the students who wrote the best pieces to stand up and read their articles in front of their colleagues, an embarrassment I always avoided by writing poor articles that never made me get a mark higher than 12 out of 20.

As years passed by, this particular class became a sort of psychological torture; we had to write faked feelings about the same pathetic occasions twice a month, year after year. I still remember the joy I felt when I finished high school, I was happy mainly because I got marks that qualified me to enter the college of dentistry and another important reason was because I got rid of that disgusting class forever.

When Zeyad and AYS suggested that I start a blog, I hesitated a lot and I was telling myself ”I used to feel shy of letting 30 of my classmates hear the words I write, and that would happen only twice a month, how am I going to publish my words on the internet every day where everyone can read them?” but after huge encouragement from my brothers and friends I decide to do take the first move and I thought “why should I be shy now, when I’m writing what I believe in, not what I’m ordered to?”,so I decided to break that shyness wall and soon after that, your comments, e-mails and responses made me believe that what I did was right.

The cool bit of news that I want to tell you about is that Iraq the model has received more than 190 000 visitors last month only. This number is twice the results of any past month since I started this blog.
I’d like here to thank all those who offered us their help and advice to promote this site through which I feel that I’m serving my country and all the truth seekers who followed our posts day by day.

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