Friday, October 07, 2005

Zarqawi in defiance of his master’s warning…

Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq said in an audio tape dated October 7 that the militants under the principles of Islam have what justifies killing civilian infidels.

The audio tape thought to be by Zarqawi’s voice was published on website believed to be owned by Al-Qaeda in Iraq and it his speech, Zarqawi said that Islam doesn’t distinguish between people on the basis of civilian vs. military but on the basis of Muslim vs. kaffir (infidel) and that “an infidel’s blood should be spilled regardless of his occupation or position unless he had a treaty or a promise of peace”. Al-Arabiya reported.

However, Zarqawi had already declared that he believes the word “Muslim” doesn’t apply to Sheat Iraqis whom he described as "heretics collaboration with the infidel occupiers" and with he used that pretext to justify waging war on the Sheat.

The audio tape appeared one day after the pentagon released an intercepted letter that is believed was sent from Ayman Al-Zawahiri to Zarqawi warning him from undesirable consequences that might result from continuing some wrongful policies of “jihad” in Iraq like attacking mosques and civilians:

Zawahiri apparently warns tactics such as the killing of hostages and bombings of mosques may alienate the "Muslim masses," Mr Whitman said.
"In this letter, he talks about believing that the eventual governance of Iraq must include the Muslim masses, and that they are at risk of alienating those," he told reporters.

Zarqawi in this tape-other than rejecting the advice of his superiors-also contradicts himself and the principles of Islam twice and this is not unusual since he’s not an actual religious scholar:

The first point where his words contradict his doings as well as the teachings of Islam appears when he said “the blood of a Muslim shall be protected regardless of his work or position” yet in a previous audio tape he justified killing Muslims if they were standing between the jihadists and the enemy.
Add to this, he justified killing Sheats in Iraq because they continue to assist the occupiers and this contradicts his “regardless of work or position” in the latest tape.

The second contradiction lies in saying “an infidel’s blood should be spilled regardless of his occupation or position unless he had a treaty or a promise of peace” and here are two points of contradiction as well, the first is that Christians and Jews are not infidels under the principles of Islam and the second is that multinational troops in Iraq (considering that they’re infidels) are here according to a treaty between the native people of Iraq and the countries to which the troops belong.

Anyway, I think that this conflict between the higher command of Al-Qaeda and the regional command in Iraq represented by Zarqawi will result in decreasing the moral support Al-Qeada in Iraq receives from other "pure" jihadists but will not have an effect on the material support that comes from the neighboring regimes that want to destabilize Iraq; these regimes will continue to pump money and weapons into Iraq and they will continue to provide training camps for recruits and will keep facilitating their passage into Iraq but most likely the numbers of these recruits will decrease since they (the potential jihadists) appear to have more faith in the ideology of the higher leaders of the network rather than in Zarqawi who’s considered an executive or field commander rather than an ideological leader.

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