Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Baghdad night of poetry...

Yesterday the "Baghdad's lovers" society held the last of its summer nights which included among its activities a session of literature and poetry in one of Baghdad's old and famous social clubs the "Hunting Club".
I was glad that I received an invitation to attend the event and actually I wasn't surprised to see the size of the great crowd of interested people who challenged night and terror just to listen to a few poems and critique them.

The hall got full of people and we lived a few hours completely far from every day's pain and worries though pain and sorrow were part of the poems that our brilliant lecturer read which also included many verses that were written for our adored Baghdad.
At the end of the evening, a woman from the audience seized the microphone and spoke to the rest of us:

We must keep up the constructive activities of art, literature and poetry and show the terrorists that they can never steal our humanity or kill the spirit of creation inside us….

His words kept ringing in my head while I was on my way out of the club; the sound of bullets was loud out there but I didn't care just like that brave women didn't care and Baghdad's nights shall always inspire the creative.
I told myself then; they're losing and we are winning.

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