Monday, October 31, 2005

Do you know where you are heading Bashar?

The international community represented by the UN Security Council voted 15-0 for a resolution that applies more pressure on the Syrian regime to cooperate with the international investigation commission led by Mehlis.

I refuse to call it a resolution against Syria because I’m not unfamiliar with similar moments when resolutions were being made against Saddam’s regime and it hurt when we would hear the words “against Iraq”. Neither Saddam nor Assad represented their peoples and even if the UN failed to recognize this fact, this doesn’t change the fact that that such regimes are totally illegitimate and they don’t deserve the seats they occupy in the UN’s halls because they merely represent their families or the murderous cults they call political parties.

If we take a look at the statements and responses coming from the Syrian officials through Arab media we see that they all talk about legitimacy using this word and the seat they have in the UN to claim they represent the Syrian street.
The funny thing is that the Syrian regime and its supporters are still placing their bets on support from the Arab and Syrian public forgetting how Iraqi people abandoned Saddam when his end came near. Even if some Iraqis disagree with the US and the coalition it doesn’t deny the fact that they did not fight for Saddam. If we go back in time to spring 2003 we can notice that the provinces that surrendered without fighting were Mosul and Anbar.

Reality and history prove that tyrants have always failed to earn the trust or loyalty of their peoples or at least the largest parts of their peoples.
Anyway, what matters for us here as Iraqis is that this resolution and its aftermath is obviously going to have a significant impact on the situation in Iraq. It is well know that terrorism or insurgency in Iraq receives substantial material and logistic support from certain parties in Syria, so any pressure on the Syrian regime and its allies in this magnitude will most likely undermine the support these parties can provide the terrorists in Iraq and this can greatly accelerate the end of violence in Iraq.

Here in Iraq we remember how the Kurdish revolt collapsed in 1975 months after the Ba’athists made a deal with the Shah in Iran in which the central government gave away Iraqi lands to Iran in exchange for cutting Iran’s support to the Kurds.
Please do not think I am comparing the Kurds with the terrorists we are fighting now, I am only trying to point out one technical point that applies to this type of warfare.

Finally, if the regime in Syria complied with International legitimacy and gave up on supporting gangs operating against the peoples of Lebanon and Iraq, this will consequently have a positive effect on Iraq’s security but…if the Ba’ath regime of Syria decided to move on with their flawed plan and ignored the world then I think they will meet the same fate of Saddam’s.

I personally think they will commit one mistake after another.

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