Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Day of National Accord.

At this moment, the National Assembly is holding a ceremony celebrating the new breakthrough agreement on the constitution which President Talbani described as the “Day of National Accord”.
The ceremony is attended by the ministers of the cabinet as well as the presidency council and the president of the Kurdistan region, Masoud Barzani.

In the same respect, the Board of Sunni Endowment, another important Sunni body that stands for the former ministry of religious affairs welcomed the Islamic Party’s decision to endorse the constitution.
Meanwhile, Ayad Al-Sammarrai the deputy secretary of the Islamic Party gave a statement in which he rejected the objections of the Conference of National Dialogue to today’s agreement “we were demanding for the transfer of 4 articles from the draft to the next parliament and that was in accord with the Dialogue Conference and the Muslim Scholars and today we got more than we asked for and the whole document will be subject to amendments…” said Al-Samarrai who considered this agreement a victory for the “marginalized” who should seize the opportunity and merge with the ongoing process.

It seems that nothing can satisfy the Muslim Scholars, not even changing the entire document because all they want is to carry out the plans of the neighboring dictators by putting hurdles in the way of democracy.

What happened today is a historic event that will isolate the enemies of Iraq and freedom and will pave the way for a clear future for Iraq after important Sunni groups decided to actively join the political process in Iraq.

There’s a visible feeling of relief on the streets and I think the constitution is on the way to be ratified…the process has come out of the emergency room and recovery will follow.

One last thing, in a nice change of protocol, the ceremony that was started with reading a few verses from the Quran was ended with a nice short piece of music!

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