Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It was a positive step for the National Assembly to reverse their earlier decision of altering the voting rules of the referendum because that outrageous alteration raised intense contempt in the public opinion here that even those who were hoping to see the constitution pass didn’t like the alterations because they don’t want it to pass with cheating and I call it cheating because that’s what it would be and it took the Assembly down to a level that doesn’t reflect the huge national sacrifices that paved the way for this group of people to become the law makers of Iraq.
The National Assembly has lost a big chunk of its credibility and today’s correction cannot remove the scar caused by yesterday’s blunder.

Although I have my objections to several articles of the draft constitution, I will certainly respect my people’s choice and I do believe that half a step forward is still better than many steps backward.
I still see this constitution as an upgradeable project that can be improved for better performance in the future and it’s much better than the no-constitution-state and the chaos that would accompany that.

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