Wednesday, January 21, 2004

::The Spanish agency for international cooperation started a project to establish a huge field for rice production in Najaf and Kerbala, over an area of more than 90,000,000 sq meters.
This huge project will get benefit from all the updated technologies of agriculture. After agriculture in Iraq has been ignored for years. Also the project will provide jobs for about 300 agricultural engineers.
The whole project is a gift from the Spanish government.

::500 extra mega watts will be added to the capacity of (Al-msayab) power station, which is one of the major sources of electricity for Baghdad.

::The BBC have signed a contract to establish 3 transmission stations for TV and radio in Basra, Nassiriya, and Amara in the south of Iraq. These stations will provide service for about 4 million citizens, and will cover some areas that were never covered by the former or present Iraqi broadcasting.
The contract involved building studios, transmission facilities and training qualified staff.

::The (independent institute for civil community studies) performed a poll about the situation of security in the country, and the results indicated that 75% of Iraqis would feel unsafe if the coalition forces decided to leave Iraq immediately.
News from Al-Sabaah journal.

::A few days ago, I was watching Al-Iraqia TV channel (with some friends), and in the news, they mentioned something about a (suicidal bomb attack in Israel by a Palestinian young man). None of my friends noticed the change in attitude of the Iraqi media that I noticed. This is the first time that an Iraqi TV uses the term (suicidal) instead of the common (FEDAYEE) used by Arab media and the former Iraqi TV media to describe those attacks.

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