Monday, January 19, 2004

Breaking news!.

Right now, there is a large rally passing through the streets of baghdad, I'm watching the demonstartors from inside a shop of a friend of mine, fortunately I was carrying my camera, so I took some photos .here and .here.
:: No political slogans were carried, however there are many religious ones. I knew from some passers-by that the demonstrators were instructed not to carry political slogans.
:: The rallies were organized by the (HAWZA), so the vast majority of the demonstratos are the followers of Al-Sistani, Muqtada Al-Sadr, and the SCIRI, and the rallies are supporting the Sistani's (FATWA) about the necessity for elections before the formation of a soverign temporary government next June.
:: I estimate that the number of demonstrators is around 10,000 or maybe more, as the rallies are still moving.
:: I'm against that idea, but our struggle for freedom has taught me to respect the others' right to voice their opinion as long as they do it peacefully and without offending or harming others.

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