Thursday, January 15, 2004

AYS and I returned back to Baghdad yesterday (for a vacation) after we finished our assignment procedures, I’m gonna have to stay in the village for about 3 weeks /month, while AYS will have to stay for 2 weeks only (don’t ask me why!).
Life there is very peaceful, quiet, simple and boring. The Iraqi TV transmission does not cover the region, no newspapers available, and the phone lines are still down.
We spent about a week there with almost nothing to do except the 4 hour daily job in the health centers, so our main problem was how to spend the rest of the day.
Our main amusement was to prepare a cup of tea and sit on the back fence of the house, watch the view, smoke cigarettes and talk about preparing drinks for the night.
By the way, our cab broke on the way between Amara and Al-Kut, and I took this photo for the driver and some passengers trying to fix the problem.

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