Monday, January 05, 2004

Snap shots from Iraq.

:: officials in human rights organizations say: messing with mass graves will destroy the evidence that may lead to the truth and complicate the investigations.
Families who lost some of their members say (addressing these organizations):" you did nothing to help our sons when they were alive, now you're interested about their bones, you must change the name of your organizations".

:: the terrorists tried to disturb the normal function of schools and distributed letters carrying the signature of terror, and planted their bombs here and there but, kids love to school was stronger than that.

:: the new year eve explosion in one of Baghdad's restaurants proves that the terrorists hate to see people happy and joyful, even those for whom happiness was forbidden for decades.

:: Saddam started his life as a cab driver, and after 40 years, when he was captured, the coalition troops found a cab in the house where hw was hiding.

:: one interesting phenomena seen now in Baghdad and other governorates is that people carrying the name (Saddam) have started to make demands for the civil affairs directorates to change their name, hence the name Saddam originally in Arabic means (the shocker, or the aggressor).

:: the old currency almost disappeared from exchange in the local markets with no considerable complications.

:: Real Madrid FC. Opens a football school in Diwaniyah city.

:: an Iraqi citizen offers to establish a school for TIKE WON DO in Basra, and pays the expenses for sending the Iraqi national team to the world championship.
The sense that we all belong to this land is growing after it was owned by a group of criminals and thieves.

:: sheikh (Hawas Al-Sdaid)- the sheikh of the huge Shammar tribes- offers to remove all the portraits of Saddam in the city of Tekrit (the home town of SH) and to replace them with signs holding useful instructions and information for the citizens of the city.

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