Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just a concerned man...part 4.(God and USA)

I’m not going to let this go. I’ll continue to talk about it. People say it’s done, why argue about it? Or why killing yourself trying to convince people who obviously had set up their mind on this issue and refuse to reason about it? Such questions are usually asked by good and caring people.
Others, less gentle and concerned, may say; do you think the sunrise and sets upon Iraq only? Or more vulgar and arrogant comments and questions that I don’t feel like answering right now.
For the good people: as I had said before; this is far from being over and even if it is, we are going to face it again somewhere else, not necessarily through war, so we have to be as sure and determined about it as possible. And if 1 or even 10 posts may only make one person on the other side reconsider his attitude, then it’s worth it.
Answering the 3d question: this is not about Iraq only, in fact Iraqi issue occupies a very minor space in this series, as we are free now with many strong nations supporting us, so we really not that desperate for your help and the worst scenario will not bring back dictatorship. We may suffer a lot, civil war may break (although a very remote possibility as I see it) but eventually we will definitely reach the point where we can depend on ourselves in maintaining a free, democratic and prosperous country and we will be able (and willing) to help other nations.
This is more about all the people suffering from tyranny and its un-detached consequences including poverty, ignorance and paranoid feelings that is the 1st precursor to terrorism.
All these sufferings and horrible outcomes are the result of the greedy, mad and brutal leaders of ‘poor’ nations and the careless attitude of many governments and people of the free world towards these dictators not to mention supporting them.

Here comes the main point in this post; something I’ve always avoided going into fearing to hurt the feelings of my readers as well as many good Americans who support us and because I thought that this is not the time to bring back sensitive topics that may cause a damage (no matter how negligible) to the good relation between us and our friends, but as this topic keeps coming everyday without an answer on our side, and this may give some people wrong impressions.

Many anti-Americans (and many Americans as well) blame us, and call us naive or slaves that are only good at a** kissing, and I still remember a very strange and saddening comment that goes something like ”those westernized Iraqis and their sickening (we love you)!!” well, if speaking English and believing in freedom and democracy makes us westernized then it’s ok with me. As for (sickening love): now that was the 1st time I know that loving people of other nationality and religions beside yours is sickening.
Anyway I’m not going to be emotional here and will not answer them in a similar manner. In contrast I’d like to look at their objections in a rational manner if I could only maintain it.
The most common objection, these days, against supporting the USA is that she had (installed) Saddam, supported him and supplied him with destructive and chemical weapons that he used against the Iranians and his own people, and that just when he became not useful to them they decided to get rid of him.

In the beginning I’d like to put the people of the USA and any other nation out of this subject as I believe that people are generally good everywhere and should not be blamed for their governments’ mistakes and I see no reason to hate the people of the USA, on the contrary I have every reason to love them together with all the good people on earth, and if you think that they should take some of the blame, then I should remind you that by doing so you also give me, and others, the right to blame ALL the people of Russia, china, France and Germany(as well as Arab and Muslim people) for their governments’ support to Saddam and their attitude towards the war; something I never did and will never do. If you don’t agree with that then I should advice you not to waste your time on reading the rest of this post.

However, I find myself compelled to agree that some of these assumptions (about previous American administrations) are true to some degree.

Yet, if we track back Saddam’s life, his connection to previous American administrations or to the CIA we will find that these are not strongly proved or documented and at least much less than people like Michele Aflak, Sa’adon Hummadi, Tariq Aziz or Al-Bakir had. These facts were made clearer lately by confessions from senior bath members who left the party in the early 80s(check Salah Omar al Ali interviews and Hassan Alawi books for example). Saddam had made his way to power mainly by eliminating his enemies, the support he got from some of the names mentioned above and surely by support of many powerful nations and their intelligence as they saw that he was the most one qualified to win that bloody war among the Ba’athists and other parties for the power in Iraq at those times. And they wanted to make sure they have good connections with the next leader of Iraq.
Here there is no evidence whatever that the American administration or the CIA had helped Saddam more than Russia with her KGB, France, china, England and many other Arab nations.
As for Saddam’s weapons it’s well known that his weapons were mainly made in Russia and France and that France provided the nuclear reactor with the help of many Arab countries (in financing) and German and Italian private firms. While I’m sure that most of you know that there is no such thing as (technology for producing chemical weapons) as these are very easy to manufacture and do not require western or eastern help.

As for the present American administration and particularly GWB I don’t see reasonable cause to blame them for the mistakes of the previous administrations, especially when I see that the present government had declared more than once that their policy towards international affairs (mainly the ME and Iraq) has changed, and I can see these statements put into actions in Iraq as well as regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which America probably for the 1st time is taking a more neutral stand; supporting the peace process, the moderate powers on each side and opposing extremists on both sides as it’s obvious from her attitude to (the wall) for instance.

People who blame the USA for every evil event in the world rely on the fact that she is the strongest nation on earth and thus they belief that she is the only power capable of doing that, so if something evil happens it’s either the doing of the USA or it happened because the USA didn’t want to prevent it.
Yet, I don’t see many people point out good things as caused by the USA, or her refrain from preventing it!
These people overestimate the power of the USA and seem to confuse it with God’s power, as it appears well when it comes to Iraq (saying for example that the USA went to war without plans for the post war period, or that she is not doing enough to help bringing peace and order to Iraq). Here I’d like to remind them with some facts:
-God is almighty; USA is not.
-God (knows) the future; USA does not.
-God cares for all human beings and creatures; American administration has to care fore its people first.
-God is most merciful; American administration cannot be so.
-When it comes to the ME, God is very popular; USA is very unpopular.
-As a summary God is perfect, American administration is not.

Maybe those people should try-just for a change- to compare the American administration with other human powers such as the governments of France, china, Russia and others, especially when they were dominating the world. I’d be happy to receive any comparison.

To be continued….

-By Ali.


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